The Feast - Kansas City, MO

This was the first official (non-guerilla) installment of The Feast. For this rendition, visitors were asked to find a place setting at a table. There, they found a styrofoam plate with a hand stippled tribal flag or seal and a corresponding placemat featuring a landscape relevant to the tribe. They were told to take their plate and relocate to a table serving commodity-like foods on a quilted tablecloth made of nutrition information labels. After returning to their place setting they could read about the tribe on their placemat and talk with others sharing the experience.

In contrast to the commodity-like food served, a brown paper sack containing an artist statement and a healthier, traditionally-based food item made by a Native-owned company was given to participants.

Because space was limited and attendance was higher than expected, only a few people were able to eat at a time. This created an unexpected “land-grab effect” as people were eager to participate.

Placemats & Aftermath